My Worst Enemy--Is My Memory.

You Can Only Learn So Much And Live

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It is a new month, and a new day. 

Saying goodbye to my stepfather last week has been so emotionally mind draining that I almost just want to drop out of college again because I simply cannot focus. But I know that is not what he would have wanted me to do so I am going to be sticking too it. I want to be top of my class and I am going to work really hard at becoming the best. 

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This town will kill me

Crap on a cracker.

I am not in a good emotional state right now to be function. I have not been here a week and my life is still going down hill.

Sister in law mom passed away the night I flew in. My brother hasn’t stopped degrading me since have been back and I know that he is going through a lot right now…but fuck off.

School stuff came and so didn’t the rest of my stuff.

I am running on 1 cup of coffee.

I need internet at home.

I want to cry.

I miss my best friend. I hate this fucking place. But if it wasn’t for this town we would have never meet. I guess that is something to be thank for.

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